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Reprint Series of Catholic Classics

The Defense of the Priesthood

    Saint John Fisher held the primacy of the pope to be so much a divinely-established principle of Christian unity as to lay down his life in its defense. He tried to protect that unity at all cost because it manifested in his eyes the unity of life which is established between God and man through the reception of the sacraments, all pivoted on the Eucharistic sacrifice as celebrated by priests. Fisher's sustained argument on behalf of the sacramental priesthood, which Luther was resolved to void of its meaning, therefore goes hand in hand with Fisher's defense of the unity of the Church, which is embodied in its priestly or hierarchical organization, resting on Peter and his successors. In these ecumenical times Fisher's book should be a sober reminder about some basic spiritual realities that for the backbone of the Church as established by Jesus Christ.
nbsp;   In the Introduction by Father Stanley L. Jaki, Saint John Fisher's book is put into the context of one of the greatest ecclesiological contestations the Church has had to face.

By John Fisher  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

ISBN 978-1-892539-19-9  •  xxxiv + 154 pages  •  softcover  •  $19

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Saint Ignatius

    When Christopher Hollis published St. Ignatius in 1931, few would have dreamed that a member of Ignatius' famed (and defamed) Company of Jesus would one day be seated on the Chair of Peter. But with the election of Pope Francis, described as "a Jesuit's Jesuit," a re-examination of the life and mission of Ignatius of Loyola could not be more timely. Hollis was part of the Catholic Literary Revival of the first half of the 20th century, an important albeit lesser player in a world of luminaries like Chesterton, Belloc, and Waugh. In his St. Ignatius, a book the author called part "interpretive biography" and part "voyage of discovery, Hollis disdained both the biography of the sceptic and the biography of the pious believer and tried to answer the question "what is the point of being a saint?" The result is an eminently readable and profoundly enlightening study of what Hollis calls the "love affair" of a man who was "in love with God." Pope Francis' frequent references to Ignatius should spark a renewal of interest in this often misunderstood spiritual giant whose goal, according to Hollis, was not so much the refutation of heresies and rolling back of the Protestant Reformation, but, rather, nothing more than "to convert Catholics to Catholicism." Hollis' St. Ignatius—described by the late Fr. Stanley Jaki as a "breathtaking narrative"—is an excellent starting point for those seeking to acquaint—or reacquaint—themselves with this great saint.
     In the Introduction, Francis J. Manion outlines the major themes of St. Ignatius in the context of the New Evangelization, and discusses the importance of Christopher Hollis and his works to the founder of Real View Books, Fr. Stanley Jaki.

By Christopher Hollis  •  Introduction by Francis J. Manion

ISBN 978-1-892539-18-2  •  x + 309 pages  •  softcover  •  $25

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Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism

    If the Memoirs had offered only a vast documentation of some major intellectual and ideological trends that produced the French Revolution, this alone would have assured it a place of honor among such books. But the Memoirs represented the highest form of writing history, or the probing into the causes of one of history's great turning points. In singling out the combined forces of the, the French Masonic Lodges, and the German Illuminists, as the decisive factor behind the radically secularist trends of the French Revolution, Barruel himself took a stance that amounts to a standing revolt against what has come to be the "received" view.
    In the Introduction, Stanley L. Jaki gives valuable details, not available elsewhere in English, about Barruel's career and correlates his thinking with modern social and religious developments.

By Augustin Barruel  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

ISBN 0-9641150-5-0  •  xxxix + 847 pages  •  hardcover  •  $58

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The Voyage to Lourdes

    Alexis Carrel (1873-1944) is possibly the only Nobel-prize winner (medicine, 1912) who witnessed a miraculous cure. Its beneficiary was a young woman, Marie Bailly, on the verge of dying of tubercular peritonitis. Her sudden cure took place in Lourdes on May 28, 1902, under Carrel's scientific as well as skeptical eyes. In this book, Carrel describes what he saw and what he thought as one who had by then come to the conclusion that there was no need for belief in God and Revelation. The gift of faith came to Carrel only after many years following his gripping experience in Lourdes.

By Alexis Carrel  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

ISBN 0-9641150-2-6  •  95 pages  •  softcover  •  $12

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History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches

    The History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches" remains not only the greatest book of Bossuet (1627-1704), but also a classic in its field. Such works retain an instructiveness even in times that do not wish to be instructed about some basic, unalterable facts. There remains a stark disparity between ecumenical hopes and actual progress towards a reunion between the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches. If one wants to understand this fact, one has to probe into the fact of the great variety of Protestant Churches and into the logic that inexorably generates their doctrinal variations. In presenting this logic and illustrating it with a wealth of statements from the works of the Reformers, Bossuet shifted the interconfessional debate from particular topics to general principles. Herein lies his genius, which is especially relevant for present day ecumenical theology.

By J.-B. Bossuet  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

ISBN 0-9641150-8-5  •  xxxv + 678 pages  •  softcover  •  $28

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The Shakespeares and The Old Faith

    The Shakespeares and 'The Old Faith' is a doctoral dissertation with outstanding merits. Its author, John Henry de Groot (1902-1974), was professor of English at Brooklyn College from 1946 until 1967. His original training was, however, for the Presbyterian ministry. It should therefore seem all the more surprising that it is to de Groot that we owe a full-scale investigation and convincing demonstration about a much-ignored fact concerning the greatest man of letters, William Shakespeare. He was not only born and raised a Catholic, but kept a basic attachment to his Catholic faith throughout very turbulent times, political and personal. Such is the perspective within which his many references to Christian religion and his fondness for biblical expressions obtain their genuine meaning.

By J.H. de Groot  •  Introduction by Fr. Stanley L. Jaki

ISBN 0-9641150-3-4  •  ix + 276 pages  •  softcover  •  $19

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